Why You’ll Love Downtown Knoxville

Tennessee is seeing a large influx of residents for one reason in particular. It has a flourishing economy. And Knoxville is a major factor in why this is occurring. Recently, the number of new business filings in the city has risen to all-time highs. Invariably, new enterprises result in more jobs for the general populace. The fact that Knoxville’s unemployment rate is only 3% highlights how crucial this is. Therefore, it is safe to state that Knoxville is the ideal place to be, whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply looking for a job. We are all aware of the current financial situation. This is why choosing a location with a cheap cost of living is a wise choice. Additionally, Knoxville Real Estate typically costs roughly $350,000. It doesn’t take a genius to realize how wonderful it is to reside in Knoxville. Living here is a wonderful experience. It has a large number of employers, a low cost of living, a mild climate, and four distinct seasons. For some reasons why you’ll adore downtown Knoxville, continue reading.

Market Square

Markets and public events have been held in this pedestrian-only area since 1854. After being renovated in the 2000s, Market Square is currently among the top areas to hang out in downtown Knoxville. Investigate the eateries and stores in the Square. In Market Square, something is always happening. Free movies are shown on a big screen in Market Square on Friday nights during the fall. Shakespeare on the Square—A local theater company presents classic Shakespeare plays in the Square throughout the summer. Holidays on Ice: Market Square’s seasonal customs include Christmas decorations and a sizable open-air skating rink.

Play the Piano

Local musicians and artists come together for this easy and charming initiative. There may be some colorful pianos in Knoxville’s downtown as you stroll around. The initiative was begun by local jazz pianist Brian Clay, who was motivated by a comparable endeavor in Atlanta. He realized the idea with the aid of a few Knoxville-based artists. These lovely pianos are now available for use by anyone.

Visit Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

Pat Summit is renowned for leading the University of Tennessee Lady Vols. Barack Obama gave this famous coach the Presidential Medal of Freedom after he won eight NCAA titles. All-level female basketball players are recognized in the Hall of Fame.

Go to a Show

Numerous theaters and entertainment venues are located in downtown Knoxville. The venerable Tennessee Theater and the Bijou Theater are two of the best. Before your vacation, check out the event calendars for both! These places frequently include Broadway-style performances, live music, comedians, and vintage films.

Grab Brunch

Unexpectedly, Knoxville has a fantastic restaurant scene. Some of the nicest neighborhood hangouts were gathered in Market Square. The Oliver Hotel is connected to this modern restaurant with a focus on the chef. Don’t forget the starter of biscuits and jam! The bar is also a terrific place to have a specialty cocktail if you arrive a little later.

World’s Fair Park

This green area, located in the center of Knoxville, served as the 1982 World’s Fair’s fairgrounds. Anyone who enjoys photography will adore this park’s lovely grass and picturesque pathways. Take a leisurely stroll around the park’s well-maintained paths. The enormous Performance Lawn also offers the chance to attend concerts and participate in festivals.