UN Approves Cannabis to Be a Medicinal Plant, Applies Worldwide?

The United Nations (UN) has given their blessing and recommended the World Health Organization (WHO) to be able to ratify marijuana as a medical need.

The UN decision was made in accordance with the results of a vote conducted by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) or the Narcotics Drug Commission, which has 53 members. In which 27 European and American countries agreed, while 25 other countries including China, Pakistan and Russia opposed.

This decision comes as a surprise after 59 years that cannabis has been juxtaposed with opium as a ‘haram’ item. It is hoped that this decision will encourage additional scientific research.

However, analysts say this decision doesn’t necessarily make marijuana legal in many countries. It depends on each jurisdiction.

However this could be a defining moment” said Jessica Steinberg, managing director at marijuana consulting firm Global C.

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List of Countries That Legalize Marijuana

Currently only a few countries have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, even making it an export commodity that produces billions of US dollars. Here’s the list:

  1. Uruguay

The first legalization of marijuana in the world was carried out by Uruguay since December 10, 2013. In this South American country, marijuana is traded on the condition that the buyer is a native citizen at least 18 years old and has received permission from the authorities.

In Uruguay, pot has likewise been sold in drug stores since 2017. Every authority of the pot plant can just purchase around 40 grams for each month. However, people can cultivate their own cannabis as long as there are no more than six cannabis trees.

  1. Canada

Another country that has legalized marijuana is Canada. Since 17 October 2018, Canada has allowed people aged 18 and over to buy marijuana in the Quebec area.

  1. England

In the very year as Canada, specifically 2018, the UK additionally authorized the maryjane business. The normal cannabis creation in the UK is 95 tons for each year.

Based on the Prohibition Partners report quoted from Health Europe, the market for medical marijuana in the UK will reach 2.31 pounds sterling by 2024.

  1. Peru

The Peruvian government has likewise legitimized the ownership of cannabis. This resilience is simply given to maryjane and not to different sorts of opiates.

  1. United States

Some US states, for example, Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington state, Washington DC, and Vermont additionally sanction the offer of pot. 

In a report by the exploration foundation Grandview, the US cannabis market contacted US $ 11.3 billion out of 2018. This worth is anticipated to keep on expanding.

Based on a report by the US cannabis research institute New Frontier Data, quoted from Forbes, the US cannabis market will touch US $ 30 billion or around Rp. 420 trillion in 2025 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14%.

  1. The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, pot can be purchased and devoured uninhibitedly in coffeehouses. The Netherlands is surely at the cutting edge of improving the Narcotics Law, by drawing a reasonable line between light medications and hefty medications.

  1. Cyprus

The island nation in this part of Europe legalizes the possession of marijuana, but a maximum of up to 15 grams. What’s more, it is permitted to develop cannabis up to a limit of 5 trees.

  1. Israel

Israel additionally authorizes cannabis for a few infection treatment programs, including chemotherapy and treatment for HIV patients.

  1. Germany
  2. Italy

Various nations in Europe, for example, Germany and Italy have additionally legitimized the offer of pot just for clinical purposes.

  1. Chile

The Chilean government permits individuals to devour pot gave it is done inside and alone.

  1. Belgium
  2. Spain
  3. Mexico
  4. Ecuador

Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador additionally sell weed lawfully by underlining the greatest buy cutoff, for example, three, eight, 10, 15 grams for each individual.