Experience the true essence of Mahabaleshwar with your close folks 

Mahabaleshwar continues to captivate tourists from far and wide. Whether it is a short vacation you are aiming for or a weekend trip, this valley has got a lot to offer. Mahabaleshwar boasts of a beautiful landscape tucked in the Sahyadris. There are a plethora of engagements when it comes to enjoying in the valley. Activities like boating, horse riding, rock climbing attract visitors and especially, children. 

Given below is a list of activities for you to soak in the essence of Mahabaleshwar in its true meaning. Before that check out the official website of Intermiles to grab alluring deals and offers on Mahabaleshwar hotels.


Without further ado, let’s dig into the following text to experience the true essence of Mahabaleshwar, with folks at your own pace. 

Camping at Mahabaleshwar

The campsite located in the lap of the Sahyadris is everything that an adventure lover would be seeking. It has been specially designed with a village theme and houses comfortable tents with various amenities. The tents have been categorised on the basis of their individual facilities. This ensures a budget stay with lots of fun. Most travellers have ditched the better Mahabaleshwar hotels for this place, and have found it to be worthy. There is a range of fun-filled activities and water sports that the inmates can engage in, according to their interests. This campsite is thus a complete holiday experience in itself. 

Rent a car, choose your pace 

Mahabaleshwar’s beauty is nothing less than mesmerising. This asks for a nature lover to explore this little town at their own pace. There are quite a few agencies offering cars for rentals. Renting a car will allow you to plan and organise your itinerary the way you would wish for. Drivers are generally pre-appointed by the agencies, to cater to your needs. There are mainly three options of rental packages for the tourists to choose from. The town is home to a lot of hidden gems that aren’t included in local sightseeing. Renting a car thus gives you the liberty to visit these gems and spend ample time with your loved ones. 

Sightseeing at Tapola 

Popular as ‘Mini Kashmir’, Mahabaleshwar’s Tapola is a fun-filled journey in itself. If it is just a day or two you have got in the town, Tapola is perfect for a brief essence of the beauty of this place. This charming hamlet offers a magnificent view of the Koyna and Solshi rivers. There is a tiny list of spots that are worth visiting in Tapola, and are covered under private tours. Private tours can be availed through prepaid or spontaneous bookings and is the best way to explore Tapola. Some aesthetic spots surrounding the hamlet are- Tapola Dam, Banmoli Point, Shooting Point, and Triveni Sangam. Water sports with trained professionals are also conducted. 

Staycation at the Brightland Resort 

It happens once in a while when all you want is to treat yourself to luxurious detoxification. Brightland Resort has been planned just to suit these desires. An upscale retreat, the Resort has a range of rooms, activities, and cuisines to choose from. It overlooks the valley around the Krishna river and is surrounded by lush tropical forests. Children and sports enthusiasts are bound to enjoy their stay, for there are ample courts and playgrounds to cater to their daily dose of fun. The resort is located on the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani highway and offers mediated as well as direct bookings. 

Boating in the Venna Lake 

This is the most sought-after activity in Mahabaleshwar. Venna Lake offers an experience of boating on its glistening waters, with a majestic natural backdrop. The lake offers rowboats and pedal boats to the visitors, at minimum hourly rentals. The seating capacity is dependent on the

type of boat allotted to you. Children constitute the majority of the crowd and thus, there are several activities for them to engage in. The Lake complex has merry-go-rounds, and a jovial Toy Train for the kids and their parents. The complex opens at around 8 a.m. for the visitors, while boating begins at around 9:30 a.m. 

Cycling around the town 

Mahabaleshwar has a lot to offer to its guests, and one of the many surprises is cycling. Professionals guide these tours which are conducted with a group of 15-20 cyclists on average, depending on the bookings. The rental packages are available at minimal rates, on a quarterly and hourly basis. Pedalling around the town along the hilly roads provides a very rejuvenating experience. The cycles provided by the concerned agencies are of good quality, thus ensuring the safety of the cyclists. 

Engage in fun sports 

Many of the Mahabaleshwar hotels and resorts have fun sports included in their private facilities, but there are also several sites that are dedicated solely to this. Located on quaint hilltops and vast fields, these areas offer a vast range of sports to engage in. These sports, in turn, help in strengthening one’s skills of determination, teamwork, and working in a group. You can participate in activities like Rock Climbing, Trekking, Horse Riding, Rope climbing, and Archery. The rentals depend on the number and type of activities selected. There are trainers allotted for each sport in order to ensure your safety. Prepaid booking is recommended since there are limited slots for each sport.