Essential Fashion Accessories for Travelling

It might have been a year or more since your last travelling experience. Are you feeling nervous and excited?

Don’t forget to pack in these essential, must-have fashion accessories for your next trip.

No matter where you’re travelling to, airplanes and airports aren’t the most comfortable places to be. With the right fashion accessories, you’ll look stylish while feeling relaxed. Stay on-trend by looking at I Saw It First and read more useful tips from clothes companies reviews of what experienced travelers like to shop for.

Apart from your identification documents, bank cards, passport, and flight ticket, make sure you have the following packed into your luggage or wearing them for your journey:

1) Scarf:

This might seem an odd choice to lug around the world, but a scarf will help you keep warm in the air-conditioned aircraft and add style to your airport style. You can wear it many ways for distinct looks and can also add another layer to your outfits at your destination.

2) Sweatshirt or Cardigan:

A lightweight sweatshirt or cardigan can make a fashion statement on its own, and can make your travel outfit even more comfortable if you select one that could serve as an outer layer and a warm sleep shirt while on the plane.

3) Compression Socks:

Forget about the compression socks you’ve seen in movies from the past. Compression socks are now as bold and colourful as regular socks, or can fly under the radar: the style choice is up to you. These help control and regulate blood flow in your legs during flights, and will do much for your comfort once you’ve landed. You can wear these as airplane socks, too.

4) Jogger Pants:

A compromise between jeggings/leggings and sweatpants, jogger pants offer the most comfort for long-haul flights. Cast away your thoughts of sweat pants of yore. Jogger pants are stylish. These allow you to relax in your jogger pants without feeling like you’re in your pyjamas when you walk from airport terminal to customs, and taxi.

5) Sneakers:

Striding up and down an airport while waiting for your flight or on a layover, you want your feet to be as comfortable as possible. Forget the high heels and try to avoid sandals if possible: your feet will get cold on the plane.

6) Travel Backpack:

Adding a touch of style, a backpack will free up your hands and it will take the load off your shoulders and arms that would carry a heavy handbag. If you have carry-on luggage, a backpack will also make it easier to negotiate the airport and the plane.

7) Cap or Hat:

A cap or hat might not be the most ideal fashion accessory to wear, but they do much to keep your hair neat looking even if it is frizzy from the airplane.

8) Jeggings/Leggings:

For versatility and comfort for long hours, jean-leggings and leggings are the best. They can be worn dressed up or down and are versatile, so that means you can change your top and shoes for a completely fresh look.

9) Aviator-Style Sunglasses:

Transitioning between interior lighting, country to country, sunglasses remain one of the most simple and effective fashion accessories that are also useful to protect your eyes from severe changes in light. You can pair them with any look, any style, and any situation for a classy accessory.