Design Features that Make the Bay Marine Boat Unique

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A Bay Marine boat is a unique type of boat that is defined by its design and structure. Having been designed specifically for the notoriously choppy waters, bay boats are distinct from other types of boats in their construction, as well as the way they’re used. Here are the design features that distinguish a bay boat from other boats.

Open deck space

An open deck allows carrying large items when in use, including live fish wells when fishing. It provides more room to store equipment when it is not being used. More importantly, the open design decreases water resistance allowing for faster speeds when in motion. Bay boats are generally much less expensive than other boats because they are made with fewer materials and require less artistry during construction which allows them to be built quickly. Even though their prices tend to be below, they are sturdy enough to offer years of service in harsh conditions.

Shallow draft allowing the boat to travel overland

This feature allows a bay marine boat to travel across the land, allowing you to access remote areas by traveling inland on small rivers, creeks, and small waterways. That is fairly helpful when fishing in bays where shallow waters separate sea and saltwater fish from freshwater fish, which tend to be found deeper in lakes or near river mouths. A boat with a shallow draft to travel overland also gives it great maneuverability. It makes it easier for the fisherman to drive along heavily covered shores against waves, rough water, and wind storms common during winter months in coastal areas.

Hull design provides stability

Bay boats typically have high sides, providing more room inside the boat, allowing more room for cargo or equipment, and providing the occupants with a higher degree of stability during severe weather conditions. Their flat bottoms provide a stable platform to stand on. They have a low center of gravity which helps prevent capsizing when operating in waves or heavy wind conditions. Compared to other boats, they have much less risk of tipping over because their shape is designed to keep comfort and safety in mind.

Wide beam for decking

This feature allows bay boats to carry large cargo by having more deck space from side to side. The width from side to side can be as much as 12 feet making it easier to move around the decks inside the boat without bumping into obstacles-type fishing poles, rods, and other equipment.